FABcount - Race Management and Lapcounting Software


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FABcount is engineered and designed to satisfy the needs of both the Race Organisers and Competitors.

FABcount provides the Race Director with a comprehensive mechanism to run the meeting automatically.

FABcount enables the Race Referee to concentrate on selective elements of the race by automating many of the 'standard' sayings - e.g. "car x being lapped", etc.

FABcount provides the Competitor with comprehensive audible information during their race, and also detailed information on the race result printout.

Some of the main features of FABcount are;-

bulletSetup is split in logical groups;-
bulletMain Meeting - name, date, etc
bulletRace Classes - each can be set separately
bulletDrivers details - name, crystal are basic requirements
bulletHeats - manually or automatically set
bulletAuxiliary setup is again in logical groups;-
bulletAutomatic Run - Inter race and other times are set here
bulletSpeech - automatic commentary and other speech settings
bulletAutomatic Lap Counting - the interface is defined and monitored
bulletAbility to monitor system resource usages
bulletAbility to test subsystems such as speech


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