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AMBrc Configuration and Setup

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The AMBrc setup screen is a Tabbed dialogue window. The 'main' tab shown above allows the user to specify the mode of operation. As can be seen there are three operating modes.

The Pure AMBrc Mode and the Pseudo AMB20 Mode both run with the decoder in AMBrc mode. The Pseudo mode enables a mixture of handout and personal transponders. In this mode the competitors that require a handout transponder have one where the last digit of the 7 digit number corresponds to their car number.

When the multiple loop option is installed in FABcount it is possible to run speed and sector loops. This brings additional information to the competitor in relation to car setup. An example of the printout obtained is available from the REPORTS screen. It should be noted that each loop requires its own decoder which in turn requires its own connection to the PC. If you are running a Laptop with only one RS232 port we can provide additional ports via a standard network connection. Please contact us for further information (multiple loops enquiry).


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