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Automatic Run Facility

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The Automatic Run facilities as the name suggests provides the ability to run a series of events automatically. This feature coupled to the automatic commentary and speech facilities enables the organising team to perform other tasks. It will also ensure that a timetable is followed. The facility can be overridden on a per race basis should the need arise, or disabled completely.

The settings available enable the time between races to be set (heats and finals are set independently), coupled to these settings is a "Round 1" factor - this is designed to take account of minor issues which can occur during the first qualifying round.

Also integrated into the Auto Run is the ability to perform automatic qualifying sorts. The sort will be performed when there is a change of racing class between races.

The quantity of the printouts required is also set, and as with the inter-race times the number of printouts can be set independently for the heats and finals


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