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FABcount is a comprehensive Windows based race management and lap counting system.

FABcount enables meetings to be run to a timetable. The timetable is defined by the user in relation to race lengths and inter-race times, FABcount does the rest.

bulletDetails regarding drivers and most other information can be viewed/edited whilst a race is in progress, thus ensuring that there is no disruption to the overall meeting schedule.
bulletComprehensive 'Human Voice' announcements are informative and provide details to both the drivers, pit crew, referee and spectators. Sayings such as "Car x being lapped", "Fastest Lap Car x", "Collect Transponders", "Volunteer Marshall's" etc.
bulletReports (printouts) regarding race information, crystal usage, qualified sorts, etc are produced automatically at the appropriate times and can be requested manually if required.
bulletAutomatic sorting of heats based on grade, or when linked to a Championship, the Championship points can be used.
bulletAutomatic generation of HTML and Text files of all race results, sorts, race sheets.
bulletNetworking enables the use of mobile PC's to view the current status of a race and gain access to all the previous results.
bulletOptional main and multi-backup system architectures can be built to ensure mission critical race control scenarios.
bulletImport data from CSV files.
bulletSector loops to provide more information to the driver to help with setup, etc.
bulletMain and multiple standby systems.
bulletInterfaces to external Scoreboard systems - AMB and R.I.D.E.
bulletSorts based on FTD or Round by Round and can be changed during the meeting if required.
bulletSingle legged or Multi-legged finals or a mixture, or Christmas tree (bump up) finals - single or double sided.

Please navigate around the site to help understand how FABcount can benefit your race meetings.

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