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The FABcount application suite is provided on a CD. A Single Software License allows it to be installed in operational mode on one computer, but as many 'demo' and 'data' modes as required. Multi 'Operational' user licenses are available upon request.

The FABcount CD can be used in 'demo' mode (certain limitations) and 'data' mode (setup meetings) prior to activation to the full functionality (basically this provides the ability to run full races). To request a CD click here and select "Demo" in the options.

FABcount is provided with 1 years support and updates. After this time ongoing support and updates are available via a support contract.

The CD contains the application plus all the speech files required for the commentary. Manuals are included in PDF format and a PDF viewer (Acrobat Reader) is also included on the CD. Hard copies of the manual are also available upon request.

There are basically two variants, neither of which is free;-

Manual Lapcounting

This system provides all the benefits of the automatic speech and running facilities. Lapcounting 'input' is performed via the keyboard. The system can be upgraded in the future to incorporate the interface to the external automatic Lapcounting system and the extra functionality and capabilities that it provides. Details about the upgrade are available upon request.

The price (including delivery within the UK) is 100.00

Automatic Lapcounting

This system provides all the features of the manual Lapcounting system plus the additional interface to the External Lapcounting system, including sector time interfaces.

The price (including delivery within the UK) start at 300.00


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