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FABcount produces various reports which are printed out provided a printer is attached and it is enabled within FABcount. In any event all reports are saved as text files for later retrieval if required. The status bar of the main screen will show the active printer, or alternatively that the printer is disabled (See Screen Shot ). A description and examples of some of the reports generated are now provided;-

Heat sheets summary (example ) - This report shows all the heats that have been setup for the meeting. Each heat is shown as a separate 'block'; for each driver it provides their car number and crystal. Also if FABcount is utilising personal transponders the personal transponder number is also shown.

Heat Sheets 1 per page - This report generates one race per page. The drivers details are as for the summary above. This report is often used as a record by the transponder control to show which set of handout transponders have been used, and that they have all been collected and subsequently returned.

Finals sheet - This is similar to the Heat sheets, and additionally shows the drivers qualifying time. Also shown are any changes the driver is required to perform - Crystal, Number, or both.

Race result (example ) The complete race result shows the positions of each car at the end of the race. Each drivers fastest and average lap times are shown. For second place onwards the gap from the winner is indicated. For the winner the FTD status is shown. This can take the form of an FTD being achieved, or alternatively how far off the FTD pace the winner was. Individual lap times are also shown, unless the user has disabled it. Also if the multiple loop option is enabled the additional data - (speed, sector times) is also provided.

Legged Final result - If multi-legged finals are selected then this report will be generated following the completion of the last leg for that particular final. Depending on the number of legs and the criteria selected then the appropriate information will be displayed. The result will show the overall final order .

Scrutineering report - The generation of this report can be produced if scrutineering is required to be performed after each race. Its production can be enabled or disabled by the user.
This report provides some detail of the race result. The report shows the finishing order of the cars and, if appropriate, which cars have improved. The report also shows the crystal being used by the driver, and also if a personal transponder is in use. This then enables the scrutineer to be selective, if required, as to which cars to view. The report can also be used to record any discrepancies and then held on file.

Sorts (example ) - This report provides the sorted information. Each line of the report shows the current position of each driver, their best laps and time, the gap between FTD and themselves, and the gap between themselves and the next fastest driver. Their heat and car number are also shown

Transmitter Lables - this uses standard Avery 7212 (2 x 8) A4 label sheets. Two identical lables per driver are produced i.e. a row. Each label shows the drivers name, heat number, car number and crystal. The idea is that one label is stuck to an envelope which then contains the other label and a car number. The other label should then be fixed to the drivers transmitter. When using a transmitter compound this uniquely identifies each transmitter. 

All Drivers - this produces a list of all the drivers held in the database. It will show their car number and heat if they have been allocated; the report will also show their 'used' crystal. If FABcount is running with Personal Transponders then their personal transponder number is also shown.

Other reports include;-

bulletCrystal usage
bulletVarious Setup details
bulletClass details
bulletIndividual drivers details
bulletRunning statistics

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