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Run a Race Screen

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The "Run Race" screen shows details relating to the current race. The screen is split into a number of main sections;-

bulletThe Meeting Name and Race Number and Title
bulletThe Competitors in the race
bulletThe Marshals
bulletControl buttons
bulletStatus Bar

This is one of the most dynamically changing screens within FABcount and its functionality is primarily dependant upon the Auto Run configuration and Speech configuration. Also during the progress of a race the buttons and screen will change appropriately.

When running the system in Automatic Run mode there is basically no need for any user intervention.

When a race is running the "Competitors" section will show the current positions of each driver, this is updated each time a driver completes a lap. For each driver it will show their current position, time, fastest lap, previous lap time. The gap between 1st place and each driver, and between each driver is also provided, thus enabling a commentator or referee to watch "races within the race". For the driver in 1st place it will show their position relative to the current FTD, this will be based on a comparison for each individual lap time.

The screen also shows the countdown time for the race, along with the current FTD holder (if established).

The buttons section is dynamic and enables the race to be aborted, speech to be temporarily aborted or permanently disabled. Penalties can also be applied to drivers whilst the race is in progress and this will adjust their position appropriately.

The automated speech facilities provide a very comprehensive commentary to both the racer and spectator during the race. Situations such as being lapped and fastest lap are all announced, in the case of being lapped this is monitored for all cars and not just the race leader. Positions are announced every minute. See the Speech screen for more details.


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