FABcount - Race Management and Lapcounting Software

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FABcount comprises a number of screens which solicit information from the user to build up the data about the competitors, the format of the meeting, and various settings within the system.

Various logically grouped dialog boxes are used to gather this information. The menu structure from the main screen gives top level access to the various screens, also an ICON bar provides direct access to the most commonly used functions. The menu and ICON bar are both dynamic thus ensuring that only those commands relevant to the current mode and operation of the system are enabled. i.e. FTD sorts are disabled when FABcount is in Finals mode. This mechanism also applies to the various screens in that buttons will sometimes be disabled if that command is not valid at that particular time.

One of the key features is that data and configuration can be changed whilst a race is in progress.

By using the navigation bar on the left you can view, and read a brief explanation about some of the screens available.  


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