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Speech Setup

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The speech setup screen provides a very comprehensive mechanism of advising the competitors about the race.

A majority of the speech facilities are utilised whilst a race is in progress. Referring to the screen above some of the key features are;-


Being Lapped - this applies to all race positions and not just the race leader. Also if multiple loops are being used then this announcement is also made when passing over those loops.


Fastest Lap - this is for the race in progress.


Race Positions - every minute the race positions will be announced. The announcement will also take into consideration the leaders position relative to the current FTD holder as a lap by lap comparison is performed as the race progresses.


Change of Leader - this is of most interest when running with staggered starts where the race leader may not necessarily be the car physically in front.

In addition to these some of the other options of interest are;-


Staggered Start Order - announced prior to the race.


Car Finished - this is of most interest when running staggered starts as individual cars will complete their race at different times.


Call Next Race - approximately halfway through a race the drivers for the next race will be called. the exact announcement will be dependant upon the use of handout transponders.


Race Results - Following the completion of a race the positions of each car are announced. The announcement will also take into consideration if the driver has improved and also if a new FTD has been set. The announcement will also take into account if the cars are required to be placed in the scrutineering area.

All the different 'types' of speech can be individually disabled should the need arise. Some options have further details which are user configurable such as the number of positions which are announced every minute.

Also the speech can be presented as single or dual channel. Dual Channel enables segregated PA for the rostrum and pits area. For example calling competitors for the next race is not relevant to the drivers on the rostrum and conversely the staggered start release is not relevant to the competitors in the pits.


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